Welcome to TeamGiftr – Where Science Meets Employee Retention!

**Our Story**

Picture two busy moms, juggling life’s demands with a passion for solving real-life problems, and you’ve got us, Vikki and Ezinma. We met in a business group where we incidentally happened to be working on the same idea. We noticed a common challenge plaguing businesses everywhere: the struggle to retain employees. Employee turnover, we realized, wasn’t just a statistic; it was a story of dashed hopes, lost investments, and the erosion of a company’s culture.

We were determined to change this narrative, committed to follow the science wherever it led. Our research and fact-finding led us to intentional corporate gifting as the most effective, actionable solution to employee retention in the short term. After a few messages, we decided that it made sense for us to work on the idea together, and that’s how TeamGiftr was born.

**Our Mission**

At TeamGiftr, our mission is simple but powerful: we believe that people are the foundation of every successful business, and intentional gifting is one way to appreciate and retain these indispensable people. We are on a mission to help companies create stronger, more loyal teams by fostering genuine connections through thoughtfully curated gifts.

**Why Intentional Gifting?**

We believe that every gift can tell a story of the thought and care behind it. When employees feel seen, appreciated, and valued, they are more likely to stay engaged, motivated, and loyal to their organization. Intentional gifting fosters this connection.

**Our Approach**

We’ve meticulously crafted a range of gifting solutions and systems tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Our gifts are more than just products; they are vehicles of appreciation, acknowledgment, and gratitude. Whether you’re looking to onboard new employees, celebrate milestones, express gratitude, or simply brighten your employee’s day, our curated gift packages are designed to convey your message beautifully.

**Why Choose Us?**

1. **Empathy:** As busy moms ourselves, we understand the importance of time and convenience. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to simplify the gifting process for businesses, ensuring that expressing appreciation is hassle-free.

2. **Customization:** We believe that every company has its own culture and values. That’s why we offer customization options, allowing you to tailor gifts to align with your unique brand and message.

3. **Quality:** We source the finest, handpicked items to create gifts that leave a lasting impression. Quality is at the core of what we do, ensuring that your recipients feel genuinely valued.

**Join Us on This Journey**

At TeamGiftr, we’re not just passionate about helping businesses retain employees; we’re passionate about fostering connections, spreading gratitude, and making workplaces better, one gift at a time.

Join us on this journey to create workplaces where employees feel valued, companies thrive, and everyone reaps the rewards of intentional gifting. Together, we can make the world of business a more caring, connected, and compassionate place.

Thank you for choosing TeamGiftr. We look forward to being a part of your success story.

Warm regards,

Vikki and Ezinma
Co-Founders, TeamGiftr