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Retain 92% of your workforce over the next 18 months

with an intentional, consistent, science-backed reward program designed to prevent high dysfunctional employee turnover. Appreciate your employees with:

Personalised handwritten appreciation notes

Luxury vacations to incentivise team members

Strategically-timed wellness gift packages and company merch

Say goodbye to high employee turnover

and hello to happy, engaged employees that want to stay

Just £399 Per Employee

Cancel Anytime

No Contracts

Minimum of 5 Team Members

Luxury 5 Star Vacation Lottery

3 Gifts Per Year

Handwritten Appreciation Notes

3 simple steps to start retaining staff

1. Enroll your employees

Simply enroll by selecting how many employees you want to be subscribed to the gifting program. As long as you have a minimum of 5 team members, we can help you retain them through positive action.

2 . Upload your Employee List

Securely upload your employee list with full peace of mind. Our file-sharing system comes with end-to-end encryption and complies with the UK’s highest standards and international data protection laws.

3. We’ll take it from here!

Leave the heavy lifting to us. We’ll send your employees meaningful gifts  and appreciation notes consistently throughout the year. You’ll also get a chance to  see what your company merch looks like, before it lands on your employee desks.

Here's what you get

Want a test run? You get:

Want a test run? You get:
  • Custom Company Merch (T Shirt, Travel Coffee Mug, Back Pack)
  • Custom Handwritten Appreciation Note
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • Just £69.99
Your employees get:

Your employees get:
  • Company Merch
  • 3 x Strategically-timed Gifts
  • Appreciation Notes at Regular Intervals
  • Annual Entry into a 5* Vacation Lottery
  • Only £399 Per Employee Per Year
Your company gets:

Your company gets:
  • A Sense of Belonging
  • Positive Company Culture
  • Reduced Employee Turnover
  • Increased Positive Engagement in Employees
  • A Dedicated Gift Consultant

How does a typical year of the TeamGiftr program reduce staff turnover?

With expertly timed gifts, handwritten notes and luxury holidays that show your appreciation.

Onboarding/Work anniversary gift package

Company merch

Personalised “Thank you” appreciation note

Delivered annually - no need to track individual anniversary dates

January Blues gift package

Dopamine boosting wellness package

Personalised appreciation note

Delivered to coincide with every “Blue Monday” annually

National Stress Awareness Day (April 7) package

Stress-buster wellness package

Stress-relief tips/reminders

Personalized “look after yourself” note

Day of encouragement (September 12)

Encouragement and positive mental attitude package

Personalized encouragement note

Auto-delivery to remote teams worldwide

Reduce dysfunctional employee turnover with a simple gifting program

Intentional gifts worth up to £100 for each employee 3 times a year

Luxury 5 star vacation lottery worth £900 for one lucky employee each year

Personalised, handwritten appreciation notes for each employee 4 times a year

A personal account manager to help integrate company updates into gift messaging

A personal shopper to select suitable gifts for your employees, saving you agonising hours

One integrated global fulfillment system to ship gifts to both remote and on-site employees

Access to a library of up-to-date research on employee retention

Free spreadsheet to easily measure and track your rate of employee turnover

Notifications when employee gifts are shipped out

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Why TeamGiftr

TeamGiftr distills an extensive range of employee retention research into a simple, actionable gifting program that aims to help organizations retail 92% of employees over 18 months.

In our quest to understand the most effective means of improving employee retention rates, we found a strategic solution. Research shows that organizations that incorporate employee retention strategies directly into their HR strategy create a positive work culture which ultimately improves employee retention rates. But that’s not all.

Some of the most effective retention strategies, (again, according to research) includes tailored rewards to individual needs and preferences, personalised messages of appreciation, recognition of professional milestones, and intentional well-being improvement initiatives.

So we turned this research into a reward program that quickly and painlessly executes key recommendations to boost morale, motivation, productivity, and loyalty. Let’s save you time, money, and implementation headaches by being your friendly, personal, gifting consultants and operators.

Your data is secure with us Rest easy knowing that our bullet-proof data collection systems ensure that your sensitive data is handled securely, and in compliance with all local and international data protection laws.

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